Darkest Hour

Finally!! I was able to see “Darkest Hour” this movie has been on my “Watch List” for months!! I was highly disappointed when it opened Nov 22nd in limited-release and it did not open in a theater near me until Christmas Day.

It’s WWII and France is about to go down…Great Britain faces its problems as the threat of invasion is vast approaching. Great Britain hangs on the leadership of their newly appointed Prime Minister Winston Churchill (Gary Oldman). Churchill must decide whether or not to negotiate with Hitler to save the British people all the while maneuvering his political rivals, also deciding whether to fight the odds and at what cost to the nation. The Story unfolds from there…

Gary Oldman is brilliant as Winston Churchill. He deserves every award nod he is currently getting. While at times a bit dull, the movie is still moving, entertaining and educational.

I am not sure why it took so long to go wide-release, but at least it finally did.

This is a 4 Star Movie!

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