Fast & Furious 6

The Fast & Furious gang is back!!
This installment finds Dominic (Diesel), Brian (Walker) and the rest of the gang kicking back after their last heist in Rio made them all very wealthy. Although they are rich, they all still live as fugitives spread out around the world.
Agent Hobbs (Johnson) comes calling. He needs Dominic and his team’s help to battle a gang of skilled international mercenary drivers. Agent Hobbs has been tracking this gang for some time. He is unable and unequipped to take them down alone. Agent Hobbs convinces Dominic that if he and his team help him take down these international mercenaries, he will get pardons for everyone. The story unfolds from there…
The action, suspense, intrigue, cinematography and stunts are all off the chain!!
Usually sequels are not as good as the first, well not in this case. “Fast & Furious 6” is just as good as the first installment if not better. This installment ties in all of the previous installments (except the Tokyo Drift installment).
In fact if you did not see the first 2 installments you should rent them before seeing “Fast & Furious 6”.
The car stunts are taken to new heights!! You won’t be disappointed. If you go see “Fast & Furious 6”, it’s very important that you don’t leave before the credits really start to roll. Just after the movie is over, there is a HUGH surprise that leads to a 7th installment.

Star Trek Into Darkness:An IMAX 3D Experience

“Run” do not walk to see “Star Trek Into Darkness”. Yes, it’s very good.

Captain Kirk (Pine) and the Starship Enterprise crew have been summoned back home and find that an unstoppable force within its own organization has destroyed an entire Starfleet. This leaves planet earth venerable to attacks. Captain Kirk has his own score to settle as he leads his crew and the Starship Enterprise on a mission to a war-torn planet to capture and destroy a one-man weapon of mass destruction. The story unfolds from there…

“Star Trek Into Darkness” is a must see in IMAX 3D.

The movie its self is very entertaining and filled with intrigue.
You will be taken on a wild ride. The cinematography is brilliant.
The action is intense and the special effects are scintillating.
The crystal-clear images along with IMAX and the digital sound create an exceptional environment that will carry you right along with the Starship Enterprise.

The Great Gatsby (2013)

“The Great Gatsby 2013” was not on my original “watch List”, but I decided to give it a look.

In 1922 Nick Carraway (Tobey MacGuire) a mid-westerner moves to Long Island NY. He finds out that he is the neighbor of Jay Gatsby (DiCaprio). He has long been fascinated by the lavious life style that “The Great Gatsby” lives. He puts pen to paper and writes about the wild parties that Jay Gatsby gives at his estate.

Nick Carraway soon becomes friends with his new neighbor Jay Gatsby. Mean while across the bay Carraway’s cousin Daisy (Carey Mulligan) is unhappy in her marriage to philandering aristocrat Tom Buchanan (Joel Edgerton).

As Carraway write about the life style that Jay Gatsby lives, it becomes clear to him that his cousin Daisy and Jay Gatsby share a past. The story unfolds from there…

Leonardo DiCaprio gives an intense performance and the movie is visually magnificent. Unfortunately that’s not enough. I don’t feel that Carey Mulligan and Joel Edgerton fully developed their characters and Tobey McGuire appeared a bit dry. This is a decent adaptation of the novel. The Cinematography and art direction are wonderful. The time period was captured magnificently.
But alas “The Great Gatsby 2013” plays like a bad daytime soap opera.
If you are a fan of Leonardo DiCaprio or your read the novel, “The Great Gatsby”, then you make want to take a look.


Wade Walker (Craig Robinson) decides to ask his girlfriend Grace (Kerry Washington) of 1 year to marry him, only the weekend he plans to pop the question she informs him that she is going to visit her parents for a long weekend.

Wade decides to surprise Grace by showing up unannounced at her family’s Sag Harbor “Weekend Home”. Once Wade arrives he finds out that Grace hasn’t told her family anything about him. Her father is Judge Peeples a highly successful Circuit Court Judge. He looks down on Wade in disdain. The story unfolds from there…
I have a tremendous amount of respect for S. Epatha Merkerson and Kerry Washington. S. Epatha Merkerson played Police Lt. Anita Van Buren on my favorite all time TV show the original Law and Order. I love Kerry Washington on the new ABC hit drama “Scandal”. That being said…

“Peeples” has to be the most ridiculous and dumbest movie to open in recent months. This is supposed to be a comedy, but I didn’t laugh. Besides Wade and Grace’s story there were at least 3 other agendas that were playing out. There were some really crude parts. Also the movie ended abruptly. Thank goodness it only lasted 95 minutes. I am not sure I would have wanted to stay longer.
This is a Tyler Perry production. This is definitely not his best work.
The best thing about “Peeples” is that there were 5 previews for movies that I am interested in seeing later this year. Those previews gave me a nice glimpse of what’s to come.

Wait for “Peeples” to come out on DVD or Blue Ray.

Iron Man 3: An IMAX 3D Experience

Tony Stark is back!! In this installment of Iron Man we are first taken back in time to 1999 to a New Years Eve party where events there will set the stage for 2013.
Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is struggling with insomnia since saving New York from destruction. He has become more dependent on his Iron Man suits that give him his persona as Iron Man. All aspects of his life including his relationship with Pepper (Gwyneth Paltrow) are affected.
When a mortal enemy who calls himself “The Mandarin” (Ben Kingsley) destroys Tony’s home/lab, Tony must rely on his instincts to survive and protect the people he loves. The story unfolds from there.
5 stars for the cinematography, special effects and technical aspects. 3 1/2 stars for the story and plot. Iron Man 3 is definitely better than the previous installment, but doesn’t quite reach the level of the first installment.
“Iron Man 3” contains lots of action, cool special effects and intrigue. There is the required number of nasty bad guys. This installment definitely reminds you that while Iron Man is a super hero, Tony Stark is a human being who is vulnerable.

I would expect that this will probably be the last installment. I am not sure there is much left to cover.
If you are a fan of the Iron Man franchise then “Iron Man 3” is a must see in IMAX!!