The premises of Fast X is about many missions and against impossible odds, Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) and his family have outsmarted, out-nerved and outdriven every foe in their path. Now, they confront the most lethal opponent they’ve ever faced: A terrifying threat emerging from the shadows of the past who’s fueled by blood revenge, and who is determined to shatter this family and destroy everything–and everyone–that Dom loves, forever. The story unfolds from there…

The first 15 minutes of the movie are awesome and it sets the stage. Unfortunately, this fast-moving vehicle has no driver, crashes and burns. There are way too many sub plots that show up and cause confusion making the movie difficult to follow. Some of the acting is suspect.

This is supposed to be the last installment in this franchise, if that is so, the franchise goes out on a whimper instead of a bang!

The most exciting things about the movie are the car chases and the fact that veteran actress Rita Moreno makes an appearance along with Helen Mirren returning as she was in a previous installment.

I was truly excited about the fact that there was another installment. I have really enjoyed the Fast & Furious Franchise dating back to 2001. This installment leaves me COLD!! I did not enjoy this movie at all and I am very sad about that.

If you are a fan of the Fast & Furious Franchise, you should take look and decide for yourself. Personally spending $22 for an IMAX ticket seems to have been a waste.

This is a 2 ½ Star Movie!!