Dead Man Down

“Dead Man Down” is not exactly what you might think. The previews will lead you to think this is about a violent assault on a woman and her trying to get revenge. It’s much more then that…
Neils Arden Oplev, the director of the original “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” makes his US debut with “Dead Man Down”.
There are two stories that go on in “Dead Man Down”. They both center on revenge and family. The desire for revenge is extremely strong for two people, Victor (Colin Farrell) and Beatrice (Noomi Rapace) who don’t know each other, but after meeting and sizing each other up, they sort of join forces, each with he or her own agenda. The story unfolds from there…
“Dead Man Down” is very violent. There is a lot of suspense and intrigue. The story moves right along and nothing drags. The plots unfold nicely. I was impressed. I found the movie to be better than I expected. The paid critics were Luke-warm, but if you can stand the violence, “Dead Man Down” is worth a look.

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