“Snitch” is based loosely on a true story about a father who tries to save his college-bound son from long-term incarceration in prison for accepting a delivery at his home on behalf of a friend. The delivery turns out to be heroine. The minimum sentence is 10 years. The story unfolds from there…
“Snitch” is not bad! The problem is, at times the movie drags and it takes too long to get to the point, but overall it’s decent. The movie contains strong violence as you would expect from any drug-related scenarios that involve a drug cartel, DEA, District Attorney, local police and any other federal law enforcement agencies.
For you Dwayne Johnson fans, this is not your typical Dwayne Johnson movie. There is hardly any action. In fact you will see a softer more compassionate Dwayne Johnson.
“Snitch” was not on my original “Watch List”, but I decided to give it a look.

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