Bullet to the Head

“Bullet to the Head” is about “Greed, Corruption and Revenge”.

In this action packed testosterone filled flick, Sylvester Stallone plays a professional hit man who teams up with a cop (Kang Sung). They are both trying to avenge the deaths of their respective partners and stamp out a common enemy. The story unfolds from there…
The story is disjointed at best! There is absolutely no on-screen chemistry between Sylvester Stallone and Kang Sung. Jon Seda and Sylvester Stallone make a better on-screen pair. The acting is a bit off also.
There is lots of action and the movie is filled with violence and is very bloody. All of that being said Sylvester Stallone still has it!! Sylvester Stallones’ dialog is laugh out loud funny at times. If you are a Sylvester Stallone fan, you might want to see “Bullet to the Head”.
If you like your movies filled with testosterone and full of action then “Bullet to the Head” is your movie. Otherwise wait for “Bullet to the Head” to come out on DVD or Blueray

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