The Suicide Squad in AMC Dolby

The Suicide Squad in AMC Dolby

Welcome to Belle Reve, the prison with the highest mortality rate. This is a place where the worst super Villains will do anything to get out, even sign-up for do or die assignments with the super-secret, super shady Task Force X.

This assignment starts with an assemble of cons like Bloodsport, Blackguard, Javelin, King Shark, Rat Catcher 2, Peacemaker, Savant, Captain Boomerang and everyone’s favorite psycho Harley Quinn.  Heavily armed and ready, they are sent off to the Island of Corto Maltese. They are not sure what awaits them but they are ready for battle. The story unfolds from there…

The addition of Viola Davis, John Cena and Sylvester Stallone along with the Director/Writer James Gunn makes this installment better that the first.

The story is lacking, but where the story falls short, the movie makes up for it with a super-fast pace, crazy out of this world stunts and great cinematography. The violence is way over the top, at times I had to cover my eyes because it was so bloody. The movie is deranged, but entertaining none the less.

“The Suicide Squad” is open-wide in theaters. It is also streaming on HBO MAX

It’s worth seeing on the big screen.

This is a 4 Star Movie!


What a nice addition to the Rocky Balboa Franchise!

Adonis Johnson (Michael B. Jordan) never knew his famous father Boxing Great Apollo Creed. From a young age Adonis had boxing in his blood. He quit his corporate job and relocated to Philadelphia, the city where his famous father fought one of his most famous boxing matches. Adonis hooks up with an aging Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone). Rocky sees the strength, determination and skill in Adonis.

Adonis starts to train under Balboa. Soon the word gets out and the current world champion wants to fight Adonis. It’s going to take a lot of skill, strength and hard work to prepare for this boxing match. The story unfolds from there…

The movie is excellent. It’s moving, emotional and entertaining. The camera angles used during the boxing matches are awesome! This is one of Sylvester Stallone’s best performances.

If you are a fan of the “Rocky” Franchise; “Creed” should not be missed.

This is a 5 Star Movie!

The Expendables 3: An IMAX Experience

The Testosterone filled franchise is back!! “It’s Old Dogs, Young Dogs and New Tricks”; in this third installment.

In this installment Barney (Stallone) and the team come face to face with an enemy, Conrad Stonebanks (Gibson) they thought was long since dead. Years ago Conrad and Barney co-founded The Expendables, but some bad blood caused them to separate and Barney was forced to kill Conrad several years ago, or so he thought.

Stonebanks (Gibson) has eluded death and resurfaced and is making it his mission to get rid of “The Expendables” for good, but Barney (Stallone) has other ideas. The story unfolds from there…

The movie starts great and has a strong ending, but the middle is just a muddle of senior moments. I have to say that there are a few good comedic moments, some interesting cinematography, some eye opening stunts and questionable special effects.

I find this installment to be better than the previous one. There is lots of non-stop action and some intrigue. There are a few new faces and the on-screen chemistry is interesting. There is a new female member to the team and she is pretty cool!!

I believe that when Sylvester Stallone signed up to do this franchise there were only going to be 3, but the door appears to be open for a 4th.

Maybe if there is a 4th installment it will continue to get better.
If you are a fan of “The Expendables” franchise, this installment should not be missed.

This is a 3 Star Movie

Grudge Match

I am not sure why the paid critics were so hard on “Grudge Match”, I found it mildly entertaining.

“Grudge Match” is about two retired Pittsburgh boxers Billy “The Kid” (DeNiro) and Henry “Razor” Sharp (Stallone). They maintained a fierce rivalry that continued from the 1980’s until now. They each beat the other in a prize fight, but on the eve of their third fight Henry announced his retirement and this ended both fighters boxing careers.
Thirty years later boxing promoter Dante Slate Jr. (Hart) comes calling. He makes both Henry and Billy an offer they can’t refuse. The story unfolds from there…

There were a few holes in the story, but the overall movie picks up toward the end especially the boxing match scenes. I found the movie to be mildly funny at times, but did not offer the comic relief expected. I think that DeNiro and Stallone had decent on-screen chemistry, but I found some of the scenes with Kim Basinger and Sylvester Stallone to be awkward.

If you have run out of “After Christmas Shopping”, then by all means see “Grudge Match”.

Escape Plan

Sylvester Stallone is Ray Breslin, a respected authority on Structural Security. He agrees to take on a high-risk job of breaking out of an ultra-secret high-tech facility that is located in parts unknown called “The Tomb”.

At this ultra-secret facility things go awry and Ray is falsely imprisoned. He is then forced to recruit a fellow inmate Emil Rottmayer (Schwarzenegger) to help him devise a plan to escape. The story unfolds from there…

The story starts off ok, but loses its way through most of the movie to regain some footing toward the end. Sly and Arnold are good together and that’s what makes “Escape Plan” interesting. It was also great to see Vincent D’Onofrio from Law & Order Criminal Intent fame.

If you are a Sylvester Stallone fan then “Escape Plan” is worth a look.

Bullet to the Head

“Bullet to the Head” is about “Greed, Corruption and Revenge”.

In this action packed testosterone filled flick, Sylvester Stallone plays a professional hit man who teams up with a cop (Kang Sung). They are both trying to avenge the deaths of their respective partners and stamp out a common enemy. The story unfolds from there…
The story is disjointed at best! There is absolutely no on-screen chemistry between Sylvester Stallone and Kang Sung. Jon Seda and Sylvester Stallone make a better on-screen pair. The acting is a bit off also.
There is lots of action and the movie is filled with violence and is very bloody. All of that being said Sylvester Stallone still has it!! Sylvester Stallones’ dialog is laugh out loud funny at times. If you are a Sylvester Stallone fan, you might want to see “Bullet to the Head”.
If you like your movies filled with testosterone and full of action then “Bullet to the Head” is your movie. Otherwise wait for “Bullet to the Head” to come out on DVD or Blueray