This installment of “The Kings Man” franchise is basically a prequel.

The movie illustrates the events that lead to the formation of “The Kings Man” organization. This should have been the very first installment of the franchise instead of the third.

While there are a couple of interesting twists and some crazy stunts, this installment was a waste of time. The execution was sloppy and dare I say a waste of Actor Ralph Fiennes acting abilities. The end is great and everything comes together, but by then it’s a little too late. I feel like this installment sort of destroys the excitement that came from the other previous installments. I am not sure if I will see another installment if another one is made.

Personally, I should have known something was amiss when I stopped seeing any trailers or clips for “the Kings Man”.

This installment should have been on one of the Streaming Services so you could basically see it for free, but “The Kings Man” is only available on the big screen. 

Wait for it to come out on Cable.

This is a 2 Star Movie!!

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