This “Snake Eyes” is an installment from the G.I. Joe Franchise.  I believe this installment is attempting to jumpstart the Franchise again, but it misses the mark badly…

There is some very nice artistry, special effects and some impressive Martial Arts Combat, but the movie is “Oh-Hum”. It starts off with what could be deemed as a back story for the main character. The theme of revenge and payback fuels the entire movie. The plot is somehow missing…

The action sequences are a bit hard to follow. I found myself getting bored and looking at my watch in the dark. I can honestly say that the Ninja’s are super cool to watch in action, but they only make-up a small part of the movie. 

I had high hopes for this “Snake Eyes”, but my hopes were dashed once again. When I think of “Snake Eyes”, I think about the 1998 Brian De Palma directed “Snake Eyes” that starred Nicholas Cage. It wasn’t much better.

If you are interested in seeing this “Snake Eyes”, I would watch it via a streaming service.

This is a 2 ½ Star Movie!!

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