Wow! “Logan” is Action-Packed, Intense, Gritty and Intriguing.

It’s 2029 and all Mutants are supposedly gone. “Logan” (Jackman) lives on the outskirts of the Mexican Border and has a job as a Chauffeur. Professor X (Stewart) is ailing and needs constant care. Logan uses whatever cash he makes purchasing the medication that helps keep Professor X’s brain calm and quiet.

Logan is approached by a woman who says she desperately needs his help. At first Logan refuses indicating that he does not know the woman and does not know how or why she thinks she knows him. Logan soon finds out that the reason the woman needs his help is that she is harboring a young little girl who is a mutant with skills like Wolverine.
There are bad people looking for the little girl. The woman offers Logan 50,000 dollars saying he is the only person who could keep the little girl safe. Mysteriously the little girl shows up at Logan’s place without him knowing about it. This brings the bad people to his place also. The story unfolds from there…

“Logan” is entertaining, suspenseful, very bloody, and violent and has some cool special effects. Hugh Jackman puts so much of himself into the character “Logan” that it’s almost painful to watch.

“Logan” is so intense that it’s not for young children. This is truly an adult Marvel Comics installment.

If you like Marvel Comics, “Logan” is for you!

This is a 4 Star Movie!

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