“JOY” is based on factual information about a crazy family that crosses 4 generations. The anchor is the young woman who invents an innovative mop and goes on to create a dynasty. The movie is filled with Decent, Betrayal, Treachery and Heartache. All of this paves the way for “JOY”.

The absolute best element to “JOY” is Jennifer Lawrence. She turns in a strong performance. The movie is all over the map and then it’s not. The opening minutes do not make sense. Things finally calm down the last 45 minutes of the movie, but by then the damage is already done.

“JOY” does not turn out even close to what the previews lead you to believe. In fact almost all of the scenes you see in the trailers are the best scenes in the movie.

Unfortunately “JOY” does not bring joy this Holiday Season!

This is a 2 1/2 Star Movie!

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