War Room

Opened in limited-release, “War Room” is about a seemingly successful couple (Tony and Elizabeth Jordan) with a beautiful daughter (Danielle). Everything appears to be perfect on the surface, (dream house, great jobs etc…) but when you pull back the covers what you actually see is Elizabeth’s world crumbling under a failing marriage. Tony the husband enjoys the fruits of his labor and flirts with temptation. Not knowing what to do Elizabeth resigns herself to increasing bitterness.

Things change when Elizabeth meets her newest client, Miss Clara. Soon Miss Clara challenges Elizabeth to establish a “War Room”. The story unfolds from there…
The message in “War Room” is loud, powerful, clear and very meaningful. Unfortunately most of the acting is not good and that’s what keeps “War Room” from being a great movie.

“War Room” is a Christian Faith based Drama, but is a bit too preachy and this causes some of the good message and intent to be lost.

The paid critics were very critical of “War Room”. It’s not that bad, but it certainly could be better.

With all of that being said…”War Room” is still worth a look!

This is a 3 Star Movie!

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