“Non-Stop” is pretty good!!

Liam Neeson plays Bill Marks a U.S. Air Marshall. Bill is on a Trans-Atlantic flight that leaves New York heading to London. Once the flight is at a comfortable cruising altitude someone taps into the secure communication network that only U.S. Air Marshalls are supposed to have access to.
The threat is “Someone dies every 20 minutes until $150 million dollars is received via wire transfer in a special bank account” Bill Marks is trying to figure out who this person is and why are they doing this. this person seems to know a lot about Bill Marks’ personal life. The clock is ticking. The story unfolds from there…
There is plenty of suspense, intrigue, twists and turns. You will think you have it figured out, but you would be wrong. As the plot thickens so does the body count…

“Non-Stop” does have its moments. It lulls at times, but definitely makes up for it toward the end. The other problem is the actual reason behind everything is far-fetched. Liam Neeson does everything so eloquently that you can over look the movies short comings.

“Non-Stop” is definitely better than “3 Days to Kill”. If you are a Liam Neeson fan then “Non-Stop” is worth a look.

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