The Wolverine 3D

In this installment Mutant Wolverine is a century-old. He is lured to Japan to say Good-bye to a very old friend whose life he once saved, but once Wolverine arrives he finds out that things are not what they seem and he finds himself being pushed to his physical and emotional limits. The real threat of death hangs over him. The story unfolds from there…

“The Wolverine” is not great, it’s just pretty good. There is some cool Samurai sword fighting and the cinematography is interesting, but the story is a bit boring and dis-jointed. However there are a few eyebrow raising surprises.

Hugh Jackman’s dialog comes out as growls rather than actual speaking. The saving grace is that Hugh Jackman is as buff as I ever seen him without a shirt. He’s definitely “Eye Candy” for the ladies.

It’s definitely a waste of money from the 3D aspects. If you are a Wolverine fan then don’t miss this.

This is the sixth time that Hugh Jackman has reprised his role as Wolverine. This tale is getting a bit stale.

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