“Oblivion” is about the battle for control of a post-nuclear earth. The movie is visually appealing, but that’s about it.
It’s the year 2077 and all is not right with the world, in-fact the world as we know it no longer exists.
Tom Cruise plays Jack Harper a security repairman who goes out daily to find and repair Droids who actually kill humans, but Jack is safe from the Droids because he works for the company that controls them.
Jack only has 2 weeks left until his mission is complete and he can join other surviving humans on a far away colony.
Everything changes when Jack rescues a survivor (Olga Kurylenko) from a downed spacecraft; this survivor triggers memories of things past. Jack finds himself in a battle to save mankind. The story unfolds from there…
As I mentioned earlier, “Oblivion” is visually appealing. The Cinematography is breath-taking. The story and plot are disjointed. Things are confusing from the start. The movie in its entirety is dull.
“Oblivion” is best served via Blue Ray, DVD or Cable.

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