Zero Dark Thirty

Finally!! “Zero Dark Thirty” opened in wide-release. I have known about this movie for over 7 months. It opened in limited release (NY & LA) in December 2012.

The movie needs no introduction. It’s about the events that led up to Osama Bin Laden’s ultimate demise. The movie is intense, chilling, brutal and mind boggling. There is no sugar-coating here. The actions and events are as real as it gets. The movie shows excellent timelines and is very well executed. Jessica Chastain is superb!! Two hours and thirty seven minutes go by quickly.

My only complaint is I wish the ending had been a few minutes longer.

Bravo to Director Kathryn Bigelow for giving us the real deal. The movie was worth the wait, hype and all of the Oscar nominations it received. If it does not win any Oscars I will be angry.

If you have a weak stomach, do not go see “Zero Dark Thirty”.

If you like Action, Suspense and Thrills this is YOUR movie.

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