Mr. Washington was masterfully brilliant in his portrayal of “Whip Whitaker a commercial airline pilot. Whip has an addiction to alcohol and drugs, but so far he’s managed to complete his flights without incident.
Whip’s luck runs out when a horrific mechanical malfunction of some of the planes hydraulics sends his plane hurling through the sky toward the ground.
Shocked and shaken Whip decides to give up the alcohol, but when the NTSB starts to investigate the crash and the events that led up to the crash, Whip finds himself out of control. The story unfolds from there…
“Flight” has excellent acting and a great cast. This is Denzel Washington’s movie from start to finish.
My only problem is that the plane crash sort of takes a back seat to the addiction that Whip has. Not enough attention was given to the other survivors of the plane crash.
To sum things up, “Flight” is about Heroism, Addiction, Recovery and Forgiveness.

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