End of Watch

“End of Watch” is a very gruesome and realistic view of what two LA police officers deal with on a daily basis. Patrolling the mean streets of Los Angeles is no joke and the LAPD put their lives on the line every single day to try and keep the good citizens of Los Angeles safe.
The movie is so realistic that at times I covered my face because what was being shown would make me ill.
“End of Watch” is very bloody, realistic, and gruesome and in its own way awesome because it’s not sugar- coated. It’s the real deal.
The on-screen chemistry between Gyllenhall and Pena is really good. The scenes with them in their squad car really gives you a great understanding of what police officers deal with while cruising the streets. With everything that goes on in “End of Watch” the movie is really good, but it loses steam at the end and that’s what will keep it from being a great movie.
If you can stand the bloodiness and the gruesome factor, “End of Watch” is worth seeing.

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