The Words

Bradley Cooper plays Rory Jensen who perpetrates a writer. While on his honeymoon in Paris, his new bride (Zoe Saldana) purchases an old leather satchel for Rory as a gift. Hidden in one of the pockets of the satchel is an old manuscript.

Rory finds this manuscript and reworks the story a bit. It is then published and becomes a best seller. The original writer (Jeremy Irons) of the manuscript recognizes his tragedic story. He finds Rory and tells him the details of his story and Rory then realizes he made a HUGH mistake in publishing the manuscript as his own work. The story unfolds from there…

“The Words” is a very boring movie. There are a lot of heavy hitters in the movie, but none of them resconate on the big screen. The movie is disjointed and contains a lot of holes.

I found “The Words” to be a complete waste of money.

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