Premium Rush

Bike Messenger Wilee (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) spends his day dodging pedestrians, cars, open car doors, buses, taxis and delivery trucks throughout New York City’s roadways as he makes “Premium Rush” deliveries. His last delivery of the day seems to be no big deal, just deliver an envelope to an address in China Town. What appears to be routine is anything but.

As part of Wilee’s job he is not to release his delivery until he gives it to the recipient. Wilee finds himself being chased by a NYPD Detective who wants the contents of the envelope that Wilee is carrying and he will do anything to get it. The story unfolds from there…

Kudos to “Premium Rush”! It’s a HUGH adrenaline rush, non-stop action and dare devil speeding bicycles traveling thru New York City!! You will get a “Rush” just watching the movie. The bikes in the movie appear to have no brakes. “Premium Rush” is a decent end-of-the-summer escapism. The movie was well put together and there is some intrigue, a bit of suspense and some surprises.

The paid critics gave “Premium Rush” high marks! It’s definitely worth a look.

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