The Expendables 2

The testostrone loaded, intense, action-packed mercenaries known as “The Expendables” are back!! They have increased the size of their group thus allowing them to take on assignments that require more of their special skills.
Mr Church (Bruce Willis) enlists Barney (Sylvester Stallone) and his crew “The Expendables” to take on what seems to be a very easy job of recovering a computer device that is locked in a safe aboard a plane that has crashed somewhere in China. “The Expendables” easily retrieve the computer device and were on their way to leaving the area, but unbeknownst to them they were followed to the plane crash site by a group known as the “Huns”. The story unfolds from there..
“The Expendables 2” is a blast!! It’s “Action Packed”, “In your face Bloody Violence” and “High Energy”. The movie opens with an involved action scene, followed by another and another until you get to the end where they saved the best for last.
Of Course the entire story is perposterous, but it’s fun anyway. There are some holes in the story and a few unfinished scenes. There is a lot of jumping around, but I am sure because of time this was necessary.
If you saw the first installment “The Expendables” in 2010, you will understand the jumping around. Sylvester Stallone is the screen writer on “The Expendables” movies he makes you assume some things to save time.
The paid critics were all over the map on this movie. I think as an “Action/Adventure” it should receive high marks