The Bourne Legacy

I have been waiting since early 2010 for “The Bourne Legacy”. It was first believed that Matt Damon was going to once again reprise his role as Jason Bourne, but because Director Paul Greengrass retired, Matt Damon said if Paul did not direct “The Bourne Legacy” he would not return. This left Tony Gilroy the writer on all of the previous installments to either get another director or do it himself.

It’s been 5 years since “The Bourne Ultimatum” hit theaters. It was believed that Jason Bourne was dead.

“The Bourne Legacy” centers around another “Rogue Enhanced” CIA Agent by the name of “Cross”. Agent Cross is on the run. He runs out of meds and locates what he believes is a “Safe House” in the wilderness.

Back at CIA Headquarters it’s believed that Jason Bourne is alive and in New York. A rumor is spread and this causes chaos and an all out manhunt starts. Meanwhile Agent Cross is trying to elude being killed by the CIA also while trying to get to the research institute or locate the Doctor he received his supply of meds from. The story unfolds from there…

The problem with “The Bourne Legacy” is that Jeremy Renner lacks the charisma that Matt Damon brought to the franchise. Matt Damon has magnetism and Jeremy Renner does not. Jeremy Renner is bland and stiff to say the least. The plot is complicated and difficult to decipher. There wasn’t nearly as much action as the other 3 installments. Too much time is spent referring to previous installments with regards to Jason Bourne. In addition to Matt Damon not returning, neither did Julia Stiles. Had Julia returned it would have been a big help for “The Bourne Legacy”. Actors from the 3 previous installments reprised their roles if only briefly. “The Bourne Legacy” really felt like a different story and not related to the other 3 installments.

“The Bourne Legacy” with all of it’s faults is still better then “Total Recall”. My concern is that the door was left open for additional installments. Universal Pictures would be wise to get Matt Damon back!! I can’t imagine Jeremy Renner as Agent Cross again.

Drawbacks: Violence and Action Sequences

This is a Action Adventure Film, If you like this type of movie ENJOY”!!

The Paid Critics gave this movie 3 stars. I agree.