Pacific Rim Uprising in 3D

It’s been 5 years since the 2013 Pacific Rim installment although the movie plays it as if it’s been 10 years.

Jake Pentecost (John Boyega) the son of the legendary Stacker Pentecost (Idris Elba) who gave his life in the first installment to save humanity from the monstrous “Kaiju” must find a way to move away from the criminal element after abandoning his Jaeger Pilot training.

A worst threat to humanity is about to make itโ€™s self-known and Jake’s skills as well as current Jaeger Pilot Cadets in training must get ready to fight the battle of their lives. The story unfolds from there…

This is a classic case of the second installment is not as good as the first. There is action, special effects and some cool cinematography, but the back story to setup this installment is weak. It appears that the movie just wants to get to the dueling robots instead of providing an appropriate lead-in. The movie running time seemed longer than 111 minutes. John Boyega is the highlight of the movie.

“Pacific Rim Uprising” is a perfect movie for the “Bad Movie Club”. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Wait for it to come out on DVD, Cable or Blue Ray.

This is a 2 Star Movie!

Pacific Rim

Movie: Pacific Rim
Running Time: 2hr. 11min
Cast: Idris Elba, Charlie Hunnam, Diego Klattenhoff, Rinko Kikuchi, Charlie Day

All I can say is “WOW!!”

“Pacific Rim” is off the chain!! The monsters looked a little to “REAL” for me. I didn’t see it in 3D, but none the less I was ducking and dodging in my seat! The Cinematography was breath taking. The CGI and special effects were super good.
“Pacific Rim” is about Legions of scary lizard-like sea monsters known as Kaiju that start rising from the sea, a war begins and tons of lives are lost and humanity’s resources are consumed for years on end. To fight the Kaiju a special type of weapon is manufactured.

The Weapons are massive robots called Jaegers that are controlled by two pilots whom when inside the Jaegers their minds are locked in a neutral bridge so all they can focus on is defeating the Kaiju.

The Kaiju are proving to be too much for the Jaegers. The need for more fighting resources becomes apparent, so the commander (Idris Elba) seeks out a former pilot (Charlie Hunnam) to join forces with him team. The story unfolds from there…

“Pacific Rim” is loaded with Sci-Fi action, intense sequences of violence, suspense, intrigue and big scary monsters, but the movie is very well executed. This is “Edge of Your Seat” entertainment.

If you can stand the big Lizard-like monsters it’s worth a look.