The premises of Fast X is about many missions and against impossible odds, Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) and his family have outsmarted, out-nerved and outdriven every foe in their path. Now, they confront the most lethal opponent they’ve ever faced: A terrifying threat emerging from the shadows of the past who’s fueled by blood revenge, and who is determined to shatter this family and destroy everything–and everyone–that Dom loves, forever. The story unfolds from there…

The first 15 minutes of the movie are awesome and it sets the stage. Unfortunately, this fast-moving vehicle has no driver, crashes and burns. There are way too many sub plots that show up and cause confusion making the movie difficult to follow. Some of the acting is suspect.

This is supposed to be the last installment in this franchise, if that is so, the franchise goes out on a whimper instead of a bang!

The most exciting things about the movie are the car chases and the fact that veteran actress Rita Moreno makes an appearance along with Helen Mirren returning as she was in a previous installment.

I was truly excited about the fact that there was another installment. I have really enjoyed the Fast & Furious Franchise dating back to 2001. This installment leaves me COLD!! I did not enjoy this movie at all and I am very sad about that.

If you are a fan of the Fast & Furious Franchise, you should take look and decide for yourself. Personally spending $22 for an IMAX ticket seems to have been a waste.

This is a 2 ½ Star Movie!!

Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man

Jason Statham shows you what revenge really looks like in “Wrath of Man”. A Robbery of an Armored Car leaves many dead, some are innocent casualties.  This is what fuels the plot and motive of the movie.   

There are many flashbacks in “Wrath of Man”, so it’s very important to pay attention. The story does come together nicely at the end, but you have to wade through the saga to get there.

“Wrath of Man” contains the right amount of action, suspense and intrigue to make it a movie worth watching on the big screen. Everything clicks on all cylinders.

“Wrath of Man” quietly opened in theaters on May 7th. It’s still playing at the box office. Catch it if you can.

This is a 3 Star Movie!!

Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw in AMC Dolby

Finally an entertaining movie!! I will admit I was a bit concerned when I first learned that the “Fast & Furious” Franchise was continuing. I tried to image what was coming next…
It’s great that they went back to the drawing board and figured out how to put out a new fresh installment/spin-off. I am a big fan of the “Fast & Furious” Franchise. I am glad they are back!!

This installment brings sworn enemies lawman Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) and lawless outcast Shaw (Jason Statham) together when cyber-genetically enhanced anarchist Brixton (Idris Elba) gains control of an insidious bio-threat that could alter humanity forever. The usual bickering ensues between Hobbs & Shaw, but at the end of the day it’s all about saving the world and humanity. The story unfolds from there…

The movie has non-stop action, is extremely entertaining, funny at times and has some stupidly wild stunts. The kind of stunts that are “Don’t Try This at Home” type of stunts. The cinematography is fantastic!! Great camera angles put you right in the mix of the action. There is even some cool computer hacks. This is a good start to a “Fast & Furious” spin-off. I am sure we have not seen the last of Hobbs & Shaw.

This is a 4 Star Movie!!

Fate of the Furious: The IMAX Experience

“The Fast & Furious Franchise Lives On…”

I was actually stunned to hear that another installment of the “Fast & Furious” franchise was coming our way after the great sendoff that was given for Paul Walker during Furious 7. I thought it would be tough for the original cast to continue without him, but I guess I was wrong. It is really all about making “Dead Presidents”.

So here we are two years later and the original cast minus Paul Walker with about five new faces ventures into another realm. There is some very good casting although this installment moves further away from its roots.

The story starts off great with Toretto (Diesel) and Letty (Rodriguez) together doing their thing in Cuba living what appears to be a normal life. The rest of the team is no-where around. The peace that Toretto and Letty enjoy can only last so long. A new villain makes its way into Toretto’s life. This villain needs Toretto’s special driving skills to pull of some major international jobs. In order to get Toretto’s help, this villain has already procured something that is very precious to Toretto, so how can he refuse? The story unfolds from there…

In order to keep this franchise going there needed to be a fresh new story, with fresh new characters. On a very small scale this story is fresh with new characters, but on the larger scale it’s a “Been There, Done That” sort of story. Unfortunately Jordana Brewster did not reprise her role as “Mia”. She is one of the original cast members.

There is a ton of action, serious car chases, crashes and cool moves. The computer age is rampant in this movie as there are many high-tech maneuvers made and used. There is even some comedy relief. During the opening credits the music that plays is off the chain…

“Fate of the Furious” is a must see in IMAX. The camera angles, sound and the cinematography are excellent and you will feel like you are in the cars and planes riding right along with the gang.

The movie is not bad, it’s just not as fresh as it needs to be with an eighth installment.

“Fate of the Furious” is definitely worth a look.

I am almost sure there will be a ninth installment.

This is a 3 ½ Star Movie!

Mechanic: Resurrection

Arthur Bishop, The Mechanic (Jason Statham) is forced to come out of his 5 year retirement.

An old nemesis, Riah Crain wants three of the most dangerous men in the world assassinated.
Of course there is a beautiful woman, (Jessica Alba) being used as a pawn to get the Mechanic to take the job. The Story unfolds from there…

There is some great cinematography, nice panoramic views of some exotic locations, and some decent stunts and action, but unfortunately the movie has no substance. There isn’t really a plot. Why kill those three men? That is not explained.

The best things about “Mechanic: Resurrection” are Jason Statham with his chiseled body and great charisma, Tommy Lee Jones looking suave as an aged hippie. It’s too bad that Tommy Lee Jones appears really late in the movie. When he showed up things got real interesting.

All in all “Mechanic: Resurrection” is a B-grade movie with some decent action, a few stunts and some good views, but no substance.

“Mechanic Resurrection” will be great on Cable or DVD.

This is a 2 Star Movie!

Fast & Furious 7: The IMAX Experience

They saved the best for last!!

“Fast and Furious 7” is 2 hours and 20 minutes of “Non-Stop Action, Suspense and On The Edge of Your Seat Thrills. They take “Pedal to the Metal” to another level!! It’s a MUST SEE IN IMAX!!!

In this installment, Torreto (Vin Diesel) and the gang face some unexpected challenges from a new International Assassin who is out for some sort of revenge from a past incident that occurred.

The gang is up to the challenge and is not about to allow anyone to destroy them or their family.

There are some out of this world stunts, some crazy, scary driving. They really did take this to another level. The movie is very entertaining. The cinematography is fantastic!!

This has been one franchise that has lived up to the hype. There is a wonderful send off for Paul Walker at the end. If you are a fan of the “Fast & Furious” Franchise, “Furious 7” is not to be missed.

This is a 4 Star Move!!

The Expendables 3: An IMAX Experience

The Testosterone filled franchise is back!! “It’s Old Dogs, Young Dogs and New Tricks”; in this third installment.

In this installment Barney (Stallone) and the team come face to face with an enemy, Conrad Stonebanks (Gibson) they thought was long since dead. Years ago Conrad and Barney co-founded The Expendables, but some bad blood caused them to separate and Barney was forced to kill Conrad several years ago, or so he thought.

Stonebanks (Gibson) has eluded death and resurfaced and is making it his mission to get rid of “The Expendables” for good, but Barney (Stallone) has other ideas. The story unfolds from there…

The movie starts great and has a strong ending, but the middle is just a muddle of senior moments. I have to say that there are a few good comedic moments, some interesting cinematography, some eye opening stunts and questionable special effects.

I find this installment to be better than the previous one. There is lots of non-stop action and some intrigue. There are a few new faces and the on-screen chemistry is interesting. There is a new female member to the team and she is pretty cool!!

I believe that when Sylvester Stallone signed up to do this franchise there were only going to be 3, but the door appears to be open for a 4th.

Maybe if there is a 4th installment it will continue to get better.
If you are a fan of “The Expendables” franchise, this installment should not be missed.

This is a 3 Star Movie


Have you ever heard of a thief who has a code of ethics? “Don’t steal from those who can’t afford it and don’t hurt people who don’t deserve it”. “Parker” (Jason Statham) a professional thief lives by this code. But on his latest heist Parker’s crew double crosses him and steals his loot. The story unfolds from there…
The movie takes you from small town Ohio to West Palm Beach Florida to Chicago. There is lots of action and intrigue. The movie is very violent. Jennifer Lopez and Jason Statham together is a miss-matched pair. They are actually quite funny together.
“Parker” is not a great movie, but it’s definitely worth seeing for the entertainment factor alone.
A “B” movie with “A” list stars.

The Expendables 2

The testostrone loaded, intense, action-packed mercenaries known as “The Expendables” are back!! They have increased the size of their group thus allowing them to take on assignments that require more of their special skills.
Mr Church (Bruce Willis) enlists Barney (Sylvester Stallone) and his crew “The Expendables” to take on what seems to be a very easy job of recovering a computer device that is locked in a safe aboard a plane that has crashed somewhere in China. “The Expendables” easily retrieve the computer device and were on their way to leaving the area, but unbeknownst to them they were followed to the plane crash site by a group known as the “Huns”. The story unfolds from there..
“The Expendables 2” is a blast!! It’s “Action Packed”, “In your face Bloody Violence” and “High Energy”. The movie opens with an involved action scene, followed by another and another until you get to the end where they saved the best for last.
Of Course the entire story is perposterous, but it’s fun anyway. There are some holes in the story and a few unfinished scenes. There is a lot of jumping around, but I am sure because of time this was necessary.
If you saw the first installment “The Expendables” in 2010, you will understand the jumping around. Sylvester Stallone is the screen writer on “The Expendables” movies he makes you assume some things to save time.
The paid critics were all over the map on this movie. I think as an “Action/Adventure” it should receive high marks