Sean Connery will always be James Bond to me. He set the standard for all other Bond impersonators who came after him. Although in this latest installment of the Bond Franchise, Daniel Craig runs a very close second to Sean Connery. The James Bond you see in “Skyfall” is “Shaken not Stirred”. He has such a cool facade you wonder if anything gets to him.
In this installment of the Bond Franchise, James Bond and M (Judi Dench) find themselves the targets of a sadistic killer who will stop at nothing to get to “M”. Additionally James Bond’s current assignment goes terribly wrong and all of the real identities of the undercover agents for Her Majesty’s Service have been compromised. Bond must stop the person from leaking all of the identities before the agents are harmed and keep “M” safe. The story unfolds from there…
Lots of action and violence, the movie at times is intense, dark and sensual. Although there are some slow parts, the movie will easily hold your attention. New faces appear for “Money Penny” and “Q”.
“Skyfall” is probably Daniel Craig’s best work as 007. Definitely worth the ticket if you are a James Bond fan.