Terminator Genisys: The 3D IMAX Experience

I can sum up “Terminator Genisys” in a couple of sentences…

It’s better than the two previous installments, but unfortunately it’s not as good as the first two installments.

“Terminator Genisys” is the same story only it’s being told with a time travel twist. The one intriguing element is that the time travel is done in the nude.
There are lots of explosions, action and gun fire. The best thing about the movie is Arnold Schwarzenegger. If he were not in this installment, it definitely would not be worth watching. His grin is hilarious.

The trailers made this installment look really interesting and worth seeing. Unfortunately the story is disjointed and there are two many sub plots that are not completed. This is the first of a new series of installments of this franchise. I am not sure where they are going from here, but I guess we will find out in a couple of years.

“Terminator Genisys” is best viewed on DVD or Blue Ray.

This is a 1 1/2 Star Movie!

Insurgent: The IMAX Experience 3D

“Insurgent” is a “Hot Mess!!” The movie is a menagerie of dreams, events and chaos which collectively is supposed to mean something, but doesn’t.

In this installment, Tris (Shailene Woodley) searches for answers and allies in the ruins of futuristic Chicago. Tris and Four (Theo James) are now wanted fugitives on the run; they are being hunted by Jeanine (Kate Winslet) the leader of the Erudite elite.
Racing against time Tris must find out what her family risked they lives to protect and why the Erudite elite would do anything to stop her and anyone who helps her. The story unfolds from there…

As I stated previous, “Insurgent” is a “Hot Mess”. There is tons of violence and chaos. The story is confusing and uninvolving. The best elements are that the movie is fast-paced and non-stop, but in the end you will not hunger for the next installment.

“Insurgent” is best viewed on cable.

A Good Day to Die Hard:The IMAX Experience

I have to say that I was shocked when I found out 9 months ago that another “Die Hard” movie was in the works. In 2007 when “Live Free or Die Hard” opened Bruce Willis indicated that this would be the last installment in the “Die Hard” franchise. So here we are in 2013 and 25 years after the first “Die Hard” we are being enticed by yet another installment.
In this 5th Installment John McCain (Bruce Willis) is going to Russia on vacation, but instead he finds himself fresh off his flight having to try to get his grown son Jack (Jai Courtney) who is a CIA operative out of hot water. McCain isn’t aware that his son is a CIA operative, he thinks Jack is a criminal. Things get real dicey. The story unfolds from there…
There is non-stop action, violence, and mayhem. There is no less than 100 cars that get blown-up or destroyed in this movie, along with some really HUGH helicopters. The stunts that are performed are so preposterous that there is no way a human being could survive any of what you see. The plot is… oh wait there is no plot, at least not one you can sink your teeth into. You are never sure of whom the bad guy or guys are.
The best thing about “A Good Day to Die Hard” is that it shows well in IMAX and you get to see some scenic views of Russia. In fact if you are going to waste your money you should see it in IMAX. You need the full effect.
I am very disappointed. I really liked the 2007 installment “Live Free or Die Hard”. I actually own it on DVD. Out of all 5 installments, the first and fourth were the best. “A Good Day to Die Hard” should have been left on the cutting room floor. These installments do make money for 20th Century Fox, so I am sure we will be treated to a 6th installment in a couple of years.