Hail Caesar!

“Hail Caesar!” was not on my original watch list but, I decided to give it a look.

The Oscar winning filmmakers the Coen Brothers are back with a Star-Studded Golden Aged Comedy. Unfortunately I did not find anything golden about the movie.

The story is centered-around a typical day in the life of a “Studio Fixer”, but what you see is anything but typical and I can’t imagine that everything that goes on could have possibly happened in 24 hours. There are so many problems that even Olivia Pope from the ABC hit Scandal couldn’t possibly fix them all without a cast of thousands.

The movie starts off ok, but goes down-hill fast. There were too many stories and sub plots, so the movie is all over the place and no place. At one point I was bored out of my mind. I sat there thinking how could they have this many heavy weight actors and the movie be so boring. Don’t get me wrong there were some funny scenes, but not enough to be entertaining. I did not find George Clooney funny at all.

The paid critics said that “Hail Caesar!” was “Fresh”. I say its “Stale”.

This is a 2 Star Movie!

Promised Land

The economic decline gives way to a big natural gas company who is trying to secure drilling rights in a small farm town. They send in their corporate sales partners Steve Butler (Matt Damon) and Sue Thomason (Frances McDormand) to sway each farmer to sell their land and move. But in swoops what is believed to be an environmentalist to try to sway the town’s folks from selling. The story unfolds from there…
The paid critics were “Luke-warm” about this movie, but I don’t think it’s bad at all. Matt Damon is an excellent actor. He will make you believe in his character. The movie is a bit slow, but all of the pieces do come together in a surprise ending.
If you are a Matt Damon fan “Promised Land” is worth a look.