The Circle

“The Circle” was an utter waste of my time. It’s a let-down considering the cast!

Mae (Emma Watson) gets hired by the world’s largest and most successful Tech Social Media Company. Mae grips this opportunity like it’s a life line. She starts off slow, but soon rises thru the ranks. The Company Founder, Eamon Bailey (Tom Hanks) encourages Mae and her ideas. Mae soon embarks on an experiment that is groundbreaking and also pushes the boundaries of how we live life today, but this new experiment could also alienate her from her family. The story unfolds from there…

“The Circle” is one dimension. There is no plot and no story. The movie just goes along its merry way. You could take from the movie that not everyone is going to like you on social media, not everyone is going to agree with your opinions on social media and not everyone cares what you do on social media even if your millions of so-called friends are watching your every move every single day on social media…

“The Circle” has great actors in a bad movie. “The Circle” is the late Bill Paxton’s last movie.

This is a 1 Star Movie!

Edge of Tomorrow the IMAX Experience

“Edge of Tomorrow” is “Superbly Executed”

Once again Earth is under attack. This time it’s in the near future and the alien race comes calling. They strike in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. They must be stopped before they reach North America and beyond.

Major William Cage (Tom Cruise) is an officer who has never seen a day of combat, but he has strong ideas of how to attack and kill the alien invaders. Because of his ideas, Major Cage is unwillingly dropped into the middle of the combat action and forced into what appears to be a suicide mission. It is literally “Live, Die, Repeat” on a daily basis. It’s a time loop that keeps going. The story unfolds from there…

I am usually “Luke-Warm” about a Tom Cruise movie, but he is awesome in “Edge of Tomorrow”. This is because he doesn’t bring as much intensity to his character as he usually does. He really shows a range of emotions in this movie.
You really must pay attention. Because of the “Time Loop” you don’t want to miss a thing. This is superbly executed. The special effects, action and cinematography are great! Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise have good “on-screen” chemistry.

“Edge of Tomorrow” is a wild ride on the edge of your seat! It’s definitely a must see in IMAX. If you like “Sci-Fi” Action, this is your movie.

This is a 4 star movie.

Million Dollar Arm

“Million Dollar Arm” is quite entertaining!! Based on a true story, “Million Dollar Arm is about the first Indian man to be drafted to play in Major League Baseball in the US.

Jon Hamm plays JB Bernstein a near washed up sports agent who is trying desperately to save his business. JB gets the idea that if he can find “A Million Dollar Arm” among India’s Cricket Pitchers he would be able to save his business.

JB travels to India and in reality TV style hosts try-outs. The story unfolds from there…

The story is amusing and enjoyable. The cinematography is very interesting. It really looks like a part of the movie was filmed in India. “Million Dollar Arm” is a family friendly movie that can be enjoyed by all.

This is a 3 1/2 star movie

2 Guns

Denzel Washington plays Bobby Trench a DEA Agent and Mark Wahlberg is Marcus Stigman a U.S. Naval Intelligence Officer. For the past year they have both been trying to infiltrate the Mexican Drug Cartel.
Their current sting operation goes awry and they are disavowed by their superiors, so they devise a new plan to flush out all of the bad guys. The plan is that Bobby and Marcus pull of a very easy robbery at the local bank. $43 million dollars is stolen. This brings everyone out of the woodwork. The story unfolds from there…
Suspense, Intrigue, Twists and Turns are the order of the day with “2 Guns”. There is even a bit of slapstick comedy. There is lots of violence.
I feel the weak link is Paula Patton’s role. She doesn’t portray a detective very well. She was boring. Otherwise the movie is good.
The story is a bit disjointed, but it does all come together quickly. “2 Guns” is definitely worth a look. Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg make an interesting duo.