The Shack

It’s difficult to bring a best-selling novel to the big screen. It’s even more difficult to bring a novel that was difficult to read to the big screen. In comes “The Shack”. I read “The Shack”. After the first 75 pages I had to walk away from the book for a few a days, but I did come back because it was a recommended read for me because I was struggling with the death of my Mom at that time.

“The Shack” is about how we question or even abandon our faith when something tragic or devastating happens to us.
Mack Phillips (Sam Worthington) suffers a family tragedy. He falls into a HUGH depression, questions his beliefs and abandons his faith. Mack is summoned to an old shack in the Oregon woods. There he meets three souls. Through this meeting Mack discovers truths about himself and how to deal with his tragedy. The story unfolds from there…

“The Shack” is difficult to watch on the screen, not because it’s not meaningful and important, but because the script is all over the place. The movie is really hard to follow. The story doesn’t really come together and the movie is not entertaining. The book wasn’t that bad…

The movie contains some beautiful cinematography and panoramic views, but that’s not enough to make “The Shack” even a three star movie.

I have seen many Christian-Faith based movies and I personally do not think “The Shack” is worth the money, but I will say that Octavia Spencer is the best element in the movie.

This is a 2 Star Movie!


I love Matt Damon and he does not disappoint!!!

This is 2159 and humanity is divided into two worlds; one is earth and the other is a space station called Elysium. If you are fortunate enough to live on Elysium, you will be free of sickness; you will be wealthy and care free. If you live on earth, you are most likely dirty, hungry, struggling to get by and if you are one of the most unfortunate on earth you are plagued with sickness and possibly near death.
Max (Matt Damon) is a working stiff on earth. He works at the major electronics planet. An accident occurs at work that causes Max’s life to hang in the balance. He must get to Elysium for treatment, but they don’t allow many new inhabitants. Max takes on a dangerous mission to get to Elysium. The story unfolds from there…

Bloody is the word of the day for “Elysium”, but none the less the movie is good! There is plenty of action, suspense and intrigue. Jodie Foster is brilliant. The cinematography is excellent.

I believe that if any other cast would have made this movie, it would not be as good as it is.

If you can stand the bloodiness, “Elysium” is a must see!!