American Sniper

FINALLY!! “American Sniper” opens wide! I have been waiting for this movie for many months. It does not disappoint!! “American Sniper” isn’t just about war; it’s about how war affects the loved ones who remain at home. Multiple tours can and do take their toll on a family.

Bradley Cooper plays Chris Kyle an American Sniper who was the deadliest Sniper in U.S. Military History. He served four tours with one goal in mind; “Protect” his brothers-in-arms. He does just that saving countless lives, but Kyle becomes a wanted man behind enemy lines with a price on his head. Insurgents would love nothing better than to take Chris Kyle out. Each time Chris returns home he finds it difficult to leave the war behind. The story unfolds from there…

You will be on the edge of your seat! The movie will hold your attention. It’s nerve racking intense, suspenseful and has plenty of action. It is a bit bloody.

This is probably Bradley Cooper’s best role. He has come a long way since starring as “Will Tippin” in the ABC hit “Alias”.

“American Sniper” is definitely worth the price of admission.

This is a 4 Star Movie!

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