Just Getting Started

I actually saw “Just Getting Started” Friday evening, but it was so bad and I had other things going on that I didn’t think it was urgent to post a review.

I don’t know if the actors in this movie needed money or if it was just the idea of making a movie that drew them to this project.

The story was silly, lazy and did not make sense. There was some humor, but it was short-lived. I actually fell asleep not once but TWICE!! The movie was only 90 minutes long, but it was a very painful 90 minutes.

Morgan Freeman is Duke Driver. Duke is the manager of a luxury resort in Palm Springs. Duke acts strange, although he does make sure that his residents at the resort have non-stop fun. Things start to go down-hill at the resort when an ex-Military guy Leo (Tommy Lee Jones) checks in. This causes a competition to ensue between Duke and Leo. The story unfold from there…

The jokes are dry, the humor is stale and the overall movie is just plan goofy. This is one of the worst comedies I have ever seen.

This is a 0 Star Movie!

The Intern

Director Nancy Meyer’s “The Intern” to be delightful and wittyā€¯

Ben Whittaker (Robert De Niro) is a retired business owner who decides to go back to work. He creates a video of himself and sends it off to a successful Fashion Design Website Company that is run by a young successful career woman (Anne Hathaway). Ben interviews along with many others, some around his age and some younger. Ben is one of four who land a job with the Fashion Design Website Company. He is assigned to work with the owner, but she wants him assigned to someone else. The story unfolds from there…

The story is a bit weak and there isn’t really a plot, but the movie is enlightening and entertaining. There are many good moments in the movie. How can you not like a movie that stars Robert De Niro. He is such a great actor!

This is a 3 1/2 Star Movie!